Killer Robots are an Actual Threat to Society

Despite how closely associated the idea of killer robots is with science fiction stories and fictional dystopias, real-world artificial intelligence and robotic technology has advanced the point that policy makers need to start reacting to their potential existence. According to some weapons and robotics experts at last week's World Economic Forum, the rise of autonomous war machines is not only

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The Bitcoin May Make a Comeback in 2016


Since its invention in 2008, the bitcoin has risen and fallen, and risen and fallen some more. Who can forget its epic spike in value in 2013, when people who bought bitcoins for pennies were suddenly in possession of bitcoins worth a thousand dollars a piece? Then there was the infamous implosion of the bitcoin due to the hackability of

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How Does the Internet Work?


It may seem like magic, but the internet is really a tangible, physical system that was made to move information. Sending information on the internet is a lot like sending a letter in the mail, except instead of sending a piece of paper, you're sending information that's been converted into binary information. Information is made of bits. Bits are a

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The Rise of Smartphones

Nearly every person these days has a smartphone. From the youngest members of the family, to the oldest. It won’t be a surprise when home phones are completely phased out, and smartphones will simply be called phones. They Cisco Systems company made a press release (their annual event), giving their insight and overview as to how this traffic on mobile

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Operating System Data Recovery

If we are talking about the Apple/Mac data recovery so there is a name can be highlight and it is which is providing you the best OS data recovery services. Because of their complexity iPhone and ipad can’t included in this data recovery category. But platinum data will shortly provide these services for the same devices. Apple/Mac having

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Mobile Technology – an Era of Innovation

Nowadays technological innovation has taken large type and we cannot discuss only about the small electronic because today this small type has taken big type. We can see every day new research is going on whether it is mobile phones or laptop. Nowadays we got the details that Google has released an automatic car and there is no need of

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